2/7: Melodies

Joy Division - “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

What are these sounds?

The main melody in this classic track is played by both a synthesizer and a bass guitar (in different pitch ranges and with slightly different rhythms). It's also sung during certain sections of the song called the choruses.

How is this melody put together?

This melody uses only notes in the scale of D major. But the melody starts with a long E, creating a sense of tension against the implied key that continues throughout the whole song.

Notice the shape (or contour) of the melody. At the beginning, it moves up and down the scale by adjacent notes. But at the end, it leaps from B up to D and then down to A. This contrast between stepwise and leapwise motion helps to make the melody strong and memorable.

Try making some of your own melodies that also use a contrast between steps and leaps.

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